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105 N. Gifford
David C. Cook House, 1885
 105 N. Gifford David C. Cook House
Photo Courtesy of the Gifford Park Association
This chateauesque manor, built in 1885 for David C. Cook, has suffered some unsympathetic additions over the years and now serves as a health center. David C. Cook was the founder of the nation's largest interdenominational publishing house, located here in Elgin.

Architectural Detail
The detail in the dormers, roof forms, and window divisions, as well as many original interior features which are still intact, show the great wealth the Cook family had accumulated.

Gifford Park Association
If you would like additional information about this or other historic homes in the Elgin Historic District, please contact the Gifford Park Association;
P.O. Box 928
Elgin, IL 60121

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