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326 E. Chicago
James Palmer House, 1897
 326 East Chicago James Palmer House
Photo Courtesy of the Gifford Park Association
Built in 1897, this house was horribly remuddled over the years. Prior to restoration in 1984, the queen anne style house was covered with asphalt siding, and the porches were nothing more than concrete slabs.

Resident Police Officer
Thanks to Neighborhood Housing Services, Gifford Park Association, the Illinois Department of Conservation, and the City of Elgin, the former undertaker's home is once again an impressive element of the Elgin Historic District. As of 1990, it has been used to house the Resident Police Officer for the neighborhood.

Gifford Park Association
If you would like additional information about this or other historic homes in the Elgin Historic District, please contact the Gifford Park Association;
P.O. Box 928
Elgin, IL 60121

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