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70 S. Chapel
George Cook House, 1899
 70 S Chapel Cook House
Photo Courtesy of the Gifford Park Association
This stately manor, designed by W.W. Abell and built by W.G. Wilcox, is dominated by its gambrel roof, shingled gambrel dormer facade, and palladian window. It originally featured ten large rooms with an interior finished in various hardwoods.

This home, overlooking Gifford Park, was built for George Cook, son of David C. Cook (see 105 N. Gifford) at a cost of $7,500. The basement garage has a revolving turntable in the floor, which enabled the owner to never have to back his car out.

Gifford Park Association
If you would like additional information about this or other historic homes in the Elgin Historic District, please contact the Gifford Park Association;
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Elgin, IL 60121.

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