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319 DuPage Street
316 DuPage Street Siding
319 DuPage Street Siding Removed
319 DuPage Street Unveiling
Photos Courtesy of the Gifford Park Association
Charles Pendleton was a mason who brought his skill of cobblestone building with him to Elgin from Upstate New York. It is possible that he built some of the other cobblestones on this tour but we know he built this home for himself around 1848. Note that even the round columns are constructed from cobblestones.

This home was the location of the first "unveiling" by the Gifford Park Association in 1997. This neighborhood group offered $2000 to homeowners if they would let the association remove substitute siding from their homes. The group gathered on a Saturday morning, removed the aluminum siding, and then the homeowner restored the property.

Continuing Progress
More properties followed and the program was so successful the City of Elgin adopted the program and expanded it city wide. The city offers $4000 to property owners to remove substitute siding. "Great Unveilings" are held every year in May during preservation month. Neighborhood groups all over town participate if the owner wants them to.

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