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328 Mountain Street
 328 Mountain Street
This home was named the top Elgin landmark by the Elgin Bicentennial Commission in 1975. The home is located at the highest point on the west side of the river, hence the name of the street.

The home was built in the 1850's for Edson A. Kimball, a cousin of Samuel and William Kimball, who were among the first settlers of Elgin. Edson Kimball ran a hardware store at the southeast corner of Chicago and State Street. Edson Kimball was a member of the first City Council in 1854.

The home was converted into two apartments in 1930 by the Solyum Family to help cover the mortgage costs during the Great Depression. The home was originally lit by gas jet lamps. Running water was not introduced until 1921. The home's features included a built-in pie cooler that doubled as a freezer in the winter and a spacious fruit cellar. Over the years owners and residents have heard stories about one hundred dollar bills encased in the walls, but no one has ever found anything.

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