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Lock Box Program

Senior Citizen Lock Box Program
The safety of Elgin's senior citizens and their access to emergency assistance is important. This is why the Elgin Fire Department sponsors the “Senior Residential Lock Box Program." This lock box is installed outside the home near the front door, or hung over the front door. Once installed, the fire department assists the homeowner with locking a spare key inside the lock box to assist emergency responders with entrance in the case of an emergency. To obtain a lock box, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at the 847-931-6175, email , or click here for the order form and waiver. The SupraSafe lock box prices start at $79.

When the order is received the box is then shipped to the homeowner; the homeowner is responsible for installation. Once installed, the homeowner notifies the Fire Prevention Bureau, at which time personnel will schedule a visit to assist with securing the homeowner’s spare key in the lock box. The Suprasafe lock boxes are keyed specifically for the Elgin Fire Department; therefore, only fire personnel can open the lock box. Elgin's dispatchers will have a record of the lock box placement and inform emergency responders.

Commercial Structure Lock Box Program
The city of Elgin passed an ordinance in 2005 requiring all commercial structures within the city to install and maintain a lock box for use by the Elgin Fire Department in the event of an emergency at your facility. The only authorized lock box that is allowed and accessible by the Elgin Fire Department is the SupraSafe Rapid Entry System offered by GE. No other brands or types of lock boxes are allowed.


Click here for order form and waiver of liability form