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Softball Player List
Find Extra Players for Your Team
The following is a list of players who are interested in playing softball this year but don’t know enough people to start a team of their own. Softball Captains, If you are interested in contacting any of these players, send them an email. If you have any problems sending an email to the people on this list, please email us.

Get Added to the List

If you would like to be added to this list, please email us and include your name, any positions you play, your contact email address, and the league you would like to join (ex. Men’s, CoEd, or Women’s). You may also list specific nights or leagues you are interested in. Summer Leagues are offered on Sunday, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Men's Leagues play Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday.  Women's Leagues play Wednesday.  CoEd leagues play on Tuesday or Friday. 

2018 Players List
              Name Phone #   League Night          Position

John Eckholm 630-418-3113 Men's  Any Infield, Pitcher, Outfield, 
 Frank Wuchte 847-915-1135 Men's or CoEd Any Any
 Marc Lee 631-327-0289 Men's or CoEd Any Any
Neil Bickel 815-510-0371 Men's   Monday, Tuesday, Friday  P, Infield or Outfield, 
*can hit for power or base hit, fast runner, plays on tournament teams monthly
Joseph Sawallisch - Master's   Any P, Infield 
 Tina Van Meter 630-675-5640 Women's Wednesday Outfield/Short Center
Jim Donato 630-439-4754 Men's  Any  SS, infield/outfield
 Will Plumley 608-434-2858 Men's Any OF, SS, 3B, P, 
played in C/D leagues in past 
 Glenn Heusmann 847-890-5127 Men's Any 1B, 2B, Left or Right field 
 DJ Dobbs  630-417-7140 Master's Tues/Thurs 50+ P, 1B, C
Kristin McKinnon - Women's or CoEd Tues, Wed, Fri First Base 
 Ninette Ponsolle 847-970-0717 Women's or CoEd Tues, Wed, Fri Infield or Outfield
John Halloran 978-580-4228 Master's Any Any
Jim Archibald 816-550-0419 Men's or CoEd Any Any
 Alex Engelking - Men's Tues or Thurs 3B, SS, OF
 Zach Ranney 847-544-1285  Men's Thurs OF, 2B, SS
 Alec LeHouillier Men's or CoEd Tues, Thur, Fri Any 
Jeff Archbold  630-518-5747 Master's 50+ Tues, Thurs 2B,3B, SS
 Renee Martin 504-228-9189 CoEd  Tues, Friday P, C, Infield,
 Erika Schmidt   224-523-2927 Women's Wednesday C, OF, 1B, 2B, SS 
 Josh Bazan
224-245-2838  CoEd Tuesday or Friday  2B,3B
 Jason Taylor  847-695-5088 Men's or CoEd Monday, Friday Any