Building Commission
Building Commission Committees
Building Commission Meetings are held on call and consists of three committees:

Seven members are appointed by the City Council for three-year terms. Membership includes:
  • Chairman of the electrical committee
  • Chairman of the plumbing committee
  • Chairman of the warm air committee
  • General contractor experienced in commercial and/or industrial construction
  • General contractor experienced in residential construction
  • Licensed architect experienced in building construction
  • Registered structural engineer experienced in building construction

Members must either be a resident of the city or have their principal employment within the city. The City Council appoints one member as chairman.
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Powers & Duties
Power and duties of the commission include:
  • Holding hearings and making rulings on appeals pertaining to the electrical, plumbing, heating, building and fire safety regulations of the city or denials of registration as a warm air heating or electrical contractor
  • Recommending to the City Council changes in any codes as deemed necessary for the protection of public health and safety
  • Reviewing recommendations of the electrical, warm air heating, and plumbing committees for modifications of codes relating to building process

Building Commission Meeting Agenda & Minutes