Team Improvements
Overview of Improvements
The Fire Investigation Team has made significant improvements. These improvements include manpower, procedures, technology, and equipment. Over the past few years the team has been improving and creating procedures to ensure consistency and quality in every facet of the team’s work. Some of the procedures that have been finished and implemented are team member call out and response, as well as photo and video evidence procedures.

The Fire Investigation Team was called out many times to investigate fires where the cause is not obvious, the cause is suspected as arson, or there are civilian and/or firefighter injuries and/or fatalities.

Technology Advances
Technological advances include going 100% digital with our photographic and video evidence with the addition of a digital SLR cameras and digital video recorder. With the high demand for various types of equipment to complete professional investigations, the Fire Investigation Team has made essential improvements and additions to our equipment.

We have built and added screens to help sift through debris to find evidence. We have added various hand tools to assist in digging out fire scenes to find evidence and installed the tools in our Fire Investigation Unit. We were able to obtain a laptop computer, which is vital to accurate reporting on a fire scene.

There were also improvements to our office system in the Fire Investigation Unit. All of these improvements are moving towards the goal of a Fire Investigation Unit that is a complete mobile platform to operate an investigation from. This is an obvious and direct benefit to the City of Elgin, and an additional benefit we can offer to the different communities through the Kane County Fire Investigation Task Force.