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Accumulation of Discarded Material/Debris in Yards/Tree banks
  • Once a tree bank complaint is received, a Code Compliance Officer will conduct an inspection of the property to verify the violation.
  • If a violation exists the Code Compliance Officer will issue a 48 hour notice.
  • The notice gives the owner 48 hours to remove the violation from the tree bank or anywhere on the exterior property.
  • If after the 48-hour time frame the junk remains, the City will issue a ticket and call to have the junk removed by a waste hauler. The property owner will be sent a bill for the cost of the pick up.
  • If the bill is not paid, a lien will be filed against the property.

For additional information, please call the Code Compliance Division, Monday through Friday at (847) 931-5920 or 311.

To register a code complaint, residents can submit a complaint to the Code Compliance Division by calling 311 (847-931-6001 if outside of Elgin), by email, or by submitting a request on the Elgin 311 mobile app.

Each complaint will be issued a case number and depending on the area will be designated to an inspector.