Human Relations Commission


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • First Tuesday of each month
  • Second Floor Conference Room, South Wing

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The Human Relations Commission consists of up to seven members appointed by the City Council for three year terms.

Interested persons are encouraged to submit an application.  A link to the application can be found here

For further information about being considered for a position on this commission please email the city clerk's office or call the city clerk's office at (847) 931-5660.

Powers & Duties
The Elgin Human Relations Commission offers community education programs and sponsors a number of public events related to its mission and charter. The purpose of the public events is to foster harmony among the many diverse groups that make up Elgin, create opportunities for residents to learn their housing and employment rights and to effectively offer a clear channel of redress in warranted situations.


The Human Relations Commission advises and consults with city officials and appropriate staff or other city boards / commissions, on all matters involving prejudices or discrimination and recommends such corrective or legislative actions as it may deem appropriate.

The Human Relations Commission investigates complaints of discrimination, tensions and acts of prejudice and seeks to resolve such matters through consultation, advice and conciliation.

The Human Relations Commission reviews of the equal opportunity policies of City contractors who employ over five persons and have a non-sole source contract awarded by the City Council.

Human Relations Commission Agendas

Community Assistance
Please complete the appropriate form below if you feel you have been discriminated against in employment, housing or public accommodation.  You must be an Elgin resident and the act must have taken place within the city of Elgin.

Employment Complaint Form

Housing Complaint Form

Public Accommodation Complaint Form

The Human Relations Commission has limited funds available to sponsor events and organizations that further its mandate.  Click here for sponsorship guidelines and procedures.