Historic Pictures of Homes - 1920
The photos are grouped by street: 

Several years ago, Mike Alft was a speaker at a Gifford Park Association (GPA) membership meeting. He brought with him an old book that a realtor had put together in the 1920s showing homes for sale at the time.

The book was a tattered old accountant's book into which the realtor had taped pictures. Under each black and white photo was the address of the home along with the selling price. The book did not have a date on it, but the few cars that were pictures seemed to be from the 1920s. GPA members were fascinated with the book of over 200 old house pictures.

Some time later, the Heritage Commission and the Historical Society were approached to see if they would be interested in going together with the GPA in making copies of the pictures for the use of Elginites as a reference for rehabilitation. The three groups together donated nearly $1,000 to make three copies of this wonderful book available.

Special Thanks
A special thanks goes to Angela Miller, Dan Miller, Elizabeth Marston, and Craig Bakstad for their help in putting this book together.