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Building Plaque Program
Christen Sundquist,
Historic Preservation Planner
Community Development Department
150 Dexter Ct. 
Elgin, IL 60120 

Ph: (847) 931-6004 
Fx: (847) 931-6790

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

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- Historic Preservation Ordinance
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- Elgin Design Guideline Manual
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- When does the Heritage Commission meet?
- When does the Design Review Subcommittee meet?
- How do I know if I am located in a Historic District?

The purpose of the Elgin Heritage Commission Building Plaque Program is to identify and promote awareness and appreciation of those buildings in Elgin that have historical and/or architectural value.

The program is indicative of the pride Elgin has in its past and its desire to preserve the history for future generations. Under the auspices of the Elgin Heritage Commission, the program was initiated in 1985 in celebration of Elgin's 150th anniversary.

Building Plaque Application and $50 payable to the City of Elgin may be submitted to: 

City of Elgin
Community Development Department
150 Dexter Ct. 
Elgin, IL 60120 
(847) 931-6004 

You may find unique stories about your building as you begin your research. Working with libraries, the city, and other sources, you will need to research the architectural style, design, builder, and former owners as you gather your historical data. Please use the following link for Research Sources to begin your search!

Historic Elgin Website
Historic Elgin is an award winning site that brings awareness to Elgin’s architectural and cultural heritage. Information on this site was gathered from the Elgin Heritage Commission’s Building Plaque Program.