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Residential Grants

Removal of existing chain link fencing in the front or street yards.

Conversion of lawful non-conforming multi-family housing back to the original residential use.

Exterior painting of dwelling units and accessory structures.

Provides funding to assist in the historic preservation of architecture for Elgin’s historic district and landmarked properties. 

  • Neighborhood Improvement Grant - Applications are not currently available.
Provides financial assistance and incentives for neighborhood groups and organizations in the development
and implementation of projects benefiting their respective neighbors. 

Properties serviced by either a combined sewer system or a separated storm and sanitary sewer system in an area known to have cross contamination or another system deficiency. 

Assist property owners in maintaining and improving the exterior of their homes. 

Provides grant assistance to property owners who wish to remove the substitute siding from their homes and repair or restore the original wood siding.

For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 847-931-5920.