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Fire Prevention Bureau
The goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to minimize the risk of life and property loss through proactive planning, awareness, and enforcement of safe fire practices. Citizens are served through a comprehensive program of inspection, fire investigations, and public education.

A variety of measures are used including:
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These are accomplished under the Direction of the Fire Marshal through individual fire companies and fire code inspectors that work on a rotating basis within the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Mission Statement
The Fire Prevention Bureau strives to:
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the education and public welfare of the community of Elgin in the areas of fire prevention, life safety, and hazard recognition.
  • Ensure new and existing occupancies within the City of Elgin are in compliance with the adopted municipal fire code by consistently and professionally applying the code in keeping with the spirit and intent of the code.
  • Professionally and thoroughly investigate and evaluate fire causes in an effort to provide an informational tool for future fire prevention activities; cooperate with the Elgin Police Department in the identification and aggressive prosecution of arson fires within the City of Elgin.
  • Seek out and utilize community interaction opportunities to increase awareness and educate the residents, students, and workforce within the City of Elgin about fire safety, emergency medical skills, and how to minimize hazards to their health and safety.