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How to Check / Report a Water Service Leak
How to Check for a Water Leak water leak
Most high bills are due to leaks. The best method for determining whether or not a leak exists is to take actual water meter readings. This method checks the entire internal plumbing system for water leaks.

Take a water meter reading just before going to bed, or when no one will use any water for several hours. Take another meter reading in the morning before any water is used, or after a few hours of non-usage. In theory, the two readings should be the same. If they are not, and you cannot account for use by a humidifier, ice cube maker, toilet flush, or water softener, you have a leak and further investigation is recommended.

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For more information, contact 311.

Did You Know?

A leak through the following diameter hole at 60 psi will result in this much wasted water per quarter of the year (3 months):
Stream Diameter Gallon Cubic Feet Cubic Meters
 1/4" 1,181,500 158,000 4,475
 3/16" 666,000 89,031 2,521
 1/8" 296,000 39,400 1,115
 1/16" 74,000 9,850 280
 1/32" 18,500 2,470 70