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February 16-18, 2016
Daily from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Elgin Fire Station 2
650 Big Timber Road
Elgin IL 60123

Introduction to Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Suite (PER-229)

The CAMEO suite is comprised of four different programs:

1. CAMEO Chemicals- A chemical search engine where the user can input chemical Names, UN number, STC number, Chemical Properties. The response from the information that is entered will provide response related information that is useful to first responders. If more than one chemical is entered the Reactivity Prediction tool estimates the potential outcomes of chemical reactions.

2. CAMEOFM- Is a repository for local Tier II data. In addition it also allows users other data management functions designed specifically for emergency management operations. Users can define special locations, routes, incidents and resources that can provide assistance in the event of a police/ fire incident or a natural/ manmade disaster.

3. MARPLOT- Is a map viewer that provides links to Google and MapQuest basemap files, various web mapping services and to specific geographic information system (GIS) map files that users import. Users can display and save jurisdictional maps, navigate to specific locations, add an aerial photograph, display standard map references and add/ delete user defined objects to the maps. Used in conjunction with CAMEOFM it can provide users with a bird’s eye view of the incident and allow the user to add objects and layers to assist in emergency response planning. It can also be useful for response planning for large scale police/ fire incidents or special events.

4. ALOHA- Is an air dispersion model that predicts concentrations of dangerous atmospheres downwind of a release. ALOHA can also predict hazards associated with fires and explosions for many chemical substances. When used with MARPLOT the user can visually see where the prediction of concentrations of dangerous atmospheres will be and assist in the determination of evacuation, shelter in place or a combination of the two.

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When: February 16-18, 2016
Where:    Elgin Fire Station 2
650 Big Timber Rd., Elgin IL 60123
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fee: No charge

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