2016 Elgin Short Film Festival

2016 ESFF Logo

The 8th Annual Elgin Short Film Festival
was an entertaining evening of some of the very best
in short films by some of the very best up-and-coming filmmakers
The award ceremony and screening of finalists took place in
Elgin, IL on Saturday, September 24, 2016

The films, no more than 20 minutes in length, are always rated PG,
making this a great family event. The screenings include a showing
of the finalists. Winners were selected by an ESFF judging panel and
audience members. 

The 2016 ESFF Winners are listed below.

2016 Elgin Short Film Festival Winners 

  Tiny's New Home

Directed by Justin Hayward
A little girl's new goldfish,Tiny, keeps jumping out of his bowl. Despite the girl's attempts to
make Tiny's home more hospitable, he just won't stay put. Out of ideas, she turns to her friend, and together they set out to find Tiny a new place to live.

Dear Brother


Directed by Daniel Skubal
Two estranged siblings arrive at the funeral of their brother with two wildly varied
eulogies prepared, and the surviving kin must face their differences as they decide which version of the truth will be read aloud.



Directed by Devin Bell
In a scorched desert forest, three plant-like creatures try to cope with being physically and mentally burned. They encounter something green for the first time in memory, and it challenges them to view life differently.

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