Audio Tours-Elgin Historic Landmarks

Interested in learning more about Elgin’s history while biking, walking, running, or simply sitting at a computer? 

Through the Elgin Heritage Commission’s local cell phone tour and corresponding audio files provided on this webpage, you can learn about 29 historic points of local interest!  Many sites are along the bike path between National Street and Trout Park.  Additional sites are in downtown Elgin, Wing Park, Lords Park and Channing Park.  Here on this webpage as well as at the designated  site marked by a sign, you will hear  a one - two minute recording which provides historical details about the site.  

The Heritage Commission invites you to take a look at the map below and click on the audio link or to visit the actual site to learn more about the city’s rich history.  We hope that you will enjoy learning something new about the “old” information!  

In addition to listening online or visiting the site, you can also call 847-686-4390.  A greeting will prompt you to enter the number identified on the sign or webpage, followed by the pound (#) sign. 

Elgin Quad 3

1. National Street

2. Grand Victoria Casino

3. Festival Park

4. Walton Island

5. Hemmens
Cultural Arts Center

6. Pioneer Memorial Statue

7. Veterans Memorial Park

8. Gail Borden Public Library

19. Civic Center Complex

20. The Professional Building
21. McBride Building

22. Carleton Roger Park Area

23. Elgin Tower Building

24. Burritt Building

25. DuPage Court

26. Ziegler Court

27. Salvation Army Building

28. Prairie Rock and Theaters

29. Channing Street School

 Elgin Quad 1

16. Wing Park Golf Course

17. Sulphur Springs

Wing Park Swimming Pool
 Elgin Quad 4

12. Lords Park Entrance

13. Lords Park Pavilion

14. Lord's Park Zoo

Elgin Public Museum
 Elgin Quad 2

9. Brick Roadway N Spring St.

10. Pratts Castle

11. Trout Park

Suphur Springs Wing Park Aquatic Center Wing Park Golf Course Lords Park Entrance Lords Park Pavilion Lords Park Zoo Elgin Public Museum Brick Roadway N. Spring St. Pratts Castle Trout Park National Street Grand Victoria Casino Festival Park Walton Island Hemmens Cultural Arts Center Pioneer Memorial Statue Veterans Memorial Park Gail Borden Public Library Civic Center Complex The Professional Building The McBride Building Carleton Rogers Park Area The Elgin Tower Building The Burritt Building DuPage Court Ziegler Court Salvation Army Building Prairie Rock and Theaters Channing Street School