Police Officer Recruiting Information
The information posted below is from our most recent job posting that occurred and closed in the summer of 2016. We expect our next testing cycle to begin in March of 2018 unless the applicant list depletes before that time. 

Duties and responsibilities of an Elgin police officer:

Essential functions – Preserving the public peace; protecting life and property; preventing crimes; detecting and arresting violators of the law; enforcing all criminal and traffic laws of the State of Illinois and the ordinances of the city of Elgin.

Typical tasks - conducting traffic accident investigations; patrolling an assigned area of the city; investigating suspicious incidents; conducting preliminary investigations; preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses.


Must meet ONE of the following requirements and provide a copy of a college transcript/diploma:

  • a bachelor's degree from an accredited college
  • 60 credit hours of college credit and have (3) years of full-time police officer experience
  • 60 credit hours of college credit and have (3) years of active duty in the United States military
  • 60 credit hours of college credit and be a current employee working as a full-time Community Service Officer with (3) years of employment as a Community Service Officer with the city of Elgin Police Department
  • 60 credit hours of college credit and have participated in the Elgin Police Department Explorer Program with at least four (4) years of participation and with not less than (400) hours of volunteer time in the program

Copy of Military Separation papers (DD 214), if applicable. Five additional points will be given on the eligibility list to those candidates who have 1 or more years of active duty military experience with an honorable discharge.

Written, physical and psychological examinations are required as part of the testing and hiring process for the position of police officer. 

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