Beat Officers
Each shift has a permanent officer assigned to most of the city's beat areas.  Residents should feel free to contact them with questions, comments or concerns pertaining to their areas. A beat map is available, click here to view.  Beats are also identified with their corresponding police activity at www.crimereports.com

 Beat  Days  Afternoons  Midnights


Officer Riordan
Officer Soberano
Officer C. Arnold


Officer Johnson / Officer Schultz

Officer Coffield
Officer Mellinger


Officer Henke

Officer Pavoris

Officer Neff
 202  Assumed by multiple officers Officer Lynch
 Assumed by multiple officers


Officer Wiltberger

Officer D. Cox
Officer Alcorn


Officer Young

Officer Fuller

Officer Vega


Officer Demierre

Officer Olsen

Officer Root


Officer Picardi

Officer Kamenjarin
Officer Williamson


Officer Piazza

Officer Rosenston

Officer Essick


Officer Bailey

Officer Jacobucci

Officer Lackey


Officer S. Lawrence
Offcer Westerman
Officer Kazy-Garey


Officer Kendall

Officer Duehning

Officer Ramirez


Assumed by multiple officers Offcer Barnard
Officer Lazcano


Officer Glasby

Officer Lentz
Assumed by multiple officers
901 Assumed by multiple officers Assumed by multiple officers Assumed by multiple officers