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The training division is responsible for the oversight of new officers, current officer training and college interns. 

New Officers
All Elgin police officers are subjected to a testing process that occurs on an as-needed basis, depending on the sustainability of the eligibility list.  A new list is created every two years, but this may occur sooner if the list has no more eligible candidates before it expires.

Current Officers
The training officer is responsible for planning, organizing, maintaining and executing all training for current police officers.  This includes scheduling officers for training outside of the department, as well as in-service training within the department.

Other Law Enforcement Agencies
If you are seeking to contact the Elgin police department regarding training opportunities you would like to extend to Elgin police officers or employees, please direct the notification to the training officer, whose information is provided in the "contact" area to the right.  

The Elgin police department often hosts interns from various colleges in the area.  If you are seeking to become an intern, please direct the request to the training officer, whose information is provided in the "contact" area to the right.

For recruiting and police officer requirements
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Ofc. Zierk
Training Officer
Dave Zierk
(847) 289-2643


Elgin Police Department
151 Douglas Ave.
Elgin, IL 60120


Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.