Duties and Responsibilities
Commission Duties and Responsibilities
The duties and responsibilities of the commission shall include the following:
  • To adopt rules of procedure
  • To hold regular meetings and call such special meetings as may be required
  • To promote the education of property owners, local government agencies, and the public at large regarding the protection, maintenance, and preservation of Elgin's architectural, historic, and cultural resources by holding programs and seminars, creating appropriate maps, newsletters, pamphlets and brochures or other materials to increase public awareness, education, and tourism
  • To obtain certification of the Elgin historic preservation ordinance with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
  • To explore funding, grant sources, and tax incentives related to the preservation of Elgin's urban environment
  • To initiate and continue a process of survey and inventory of Elgin's historically and architecturally significant structures and areas
  • To investigate, hold public hearings, and recommend to the City Council designation of certain Elgin sites, structures or areas as having special historic, community, architectural or archaeological value as landmarks or historic districts
  • To keep a register of all property and structures which have been designated as a landmark or historic district, and to develop an appropriate system of markers, or other means of recognition
  • To review and recommend to the City Council local landmarks and historic districts for listing in the State and National Register of Historic Places
  • To develop design guidelines for the alteration, construction, removal or demolition of landmarks or property and structures within historic districts
  • To hold public hearings and to hear appeals on decisions concerning permit applications for new construction within historic districts and for additions to, alterations or removal of designated landmarks or structures within historic districts, and to issue or deny certificates of appropriateness for such actions
  • To issue or deny applications for certificates of economic hardship that would allow for the performance of work for which a certificate of appropriateness has been denied
  • To testify before all boards and commissions and the City Council concerning any matter affecting historically or architecturally significant property, structures and areas
  • To develop a preservation plan and to recommend it to the planning commission and the City Council
  • To cooperate with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and all other local, regional, state and federal agencies and organizations in terms of preservation policy and governmental action to confer recognition when appropriate upon owners of landmarks or property or structures within historic districts or other individuals or organizations who have contributed to the architectural and historic character of the city by means of certificates, plaques or markers
  • To establish and maintain an archive or preservation-related materials for public use
  • To recommend to the City Council the adoption of an appropriate system of historically and architecturally compatible streetscape elements, including but not limited to landscaping, signage, color motifs and directional signage on routes leading to historic districts
  • To recommend to the City Council appropriate street usage in designated historic districts including, but not limited to traffic route designations, public walkways, and paths
  • To advise and assist the owners of landmarks, and other significant structures or property within the city on the physical and financial aspects of presentation, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse, and on procedures for inclusion of such structures or property on the State and National Register of Historic Places
  • To recommend that the city retain specialists or consultants with the approval of the City Council and to establish such citizens advisory committees as may be desirable from time to time
  • To endeavor to stabilize and increase property values within the city and enhance the investment claims in the older areas within the city
  • To cooperate with agencies of local, regional, state and federal government in the planning of policies and government actions concerning historic preservation
  • To recommend to the City Council for their approval, any presentation-related actions or activities necessary or appropriate for the implementation of their duties and responsibilities, and for the implementation of this chapter
  • To cause one member to attend at least one informational or educational meeting each year which is approved by the state historic preservation officer and which pertains to the work and functions of the commission or to historic preservation
  • To prepare and transmit an annual report to the state historic preservation fficer
  • To monitor and notify the state historic preservation officer of demolitions or major alterations to property listed on the State or National Register of Historic Places
  • To perform such other duties as may from time to time be delegated by the City Council