Mayor Kaptain's Corner

Engaging the Community

Mayor Kaptain believes that creating a great community requires a partnership between the local government and citizens of the community.

Citizen participation and dialogue with those they elect is a cornerstone of this partnership.  

It is the role of government to provide clear and consistent communication to all residents, facilitate discussion and interaction with residents to hear their concerns when it comes to municipal decisions that affect Elgin residents, organizations and businesses.

On the other hand, it is the role of citizens to be actively engaged in making their community a better place. This can be done through volunteering with local agencies, serving on commissions or community task forces, serving as a local block captain for neighborhood watch, or simply watching out for a neighbor in need.  

Watch Mayor Kaptain's
2015 State of the City address. 

To help assure that all residents have access to elected officials and city staff on a regular basis, Mayor Kaptain hosts monthly lunch-time on-line chats, community listening sessions, and neighborhood walks which provide a forum to discuss the important policy issues that will shape the future of our community. Residents are encouraged to check out the of upcoming events and attend one convenient for your schedule.

ConnectConnect with Kaptain

?Say goodbye to Live Chat with the Mayor and hello to Connect with Kaptain! Mayor Kaptain has started a new video series. In short 1-3 minute videos, the Mayor discusses city issues and answer questions submitted by residents. Do you have a question for the Mayor? Submit questions on Facebook or Twitter with #ConnectWithKaptain, through the Elgin 311 mobile app, or by emailing


At these ½ hour live chats, Mayor Kaptain reviewed current issues, city projects or council agenda items, followed by response to online questions from the public. These chats have been discontinued, as a new video series has kicked off...Connect with Kaptain.

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2016 Mayor's Walking Challenge 

Mayor's Tour of Waste Management Transfer Station in Elgin

Serving on Community Committees
In addition to these town-hall style meetings, residents are frequently invited to submit an application to serve on one of several community committees that are established by the City Council to explore a variety of community issues. Please watch this site for more information on how to apply to serve on one of the committees as they are established.