Refuse/Recycling Program Facts
Waste Reduction
Over the last decade Elgin has made great strides in waste reduction. Pounds of refuse disposed of per household per week:
Pounds / Household / Week
 2002 53.5
 2010 32.5

Where Recyclables Go
Each week curbside recyclables are collected by a Waste Management recycling truck. Once the truck is full it unloads at the Elgin transfer station located off of Gifford Road in Elgin. At the transfer station the recyclables are loaded into semi-trucks that bring the comingled recyclables to a municipal recycling facility (MRF) in Grayslake, Illinois. At the MRF a series of magnets, scales and blowers separate the recyclables. From the MRF the separated recyclables are shipped to commodity purchasers. 

The Impact of Recycling
One huge benefit of recycling is sending less material to the landfill. The amount of material that is diverted from going to landfill through recycling is measured using what is called a recycling diversion rate. Diversion rates compare the amount of waste recycled to total waste produced. In 2010 32% of all curbside waste collected in Elgin was recycled.
Diversion Rate
 2010 32.17%
 2009 29.94%
 2008 31.10%
 2007 32.10%

Note: yard waste numbers were not included in the calculation of the diversion. The diversion rates are calculated based on tonnages of refuse and recycling collected by Waste Management trucks servicing Elgin.  

Did you know?
In comparison to all other months, on average Elgin residents recycle 200 tons more during the months of June and December.