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Elgin Image Awards Nomination Form

  1. Elgin Image Awards

  2. Each year, the city's Image Advisory Commission recognizes image-enhancing efforts from Elgin residents, businesses and organizations. The prestigious awards are available in six categories: individual professional, individual volunteer, special projects, organizations or businesses, citizenship, and teen impact.

  3. Only necessary if nominating a project, organization or business

  4. Photo will be used in the Awards Ceremony presentation. Images can also be emailed to keselica_b@cityofelgin.org .

  5. If you are nominating someone for the Citizenship Award, please explain why you believe the nominee is deserving of the recognition and be specific (attach a separate sheet of paper if necessary). Please note that the categories are used as a guide. The Image Commission reserves the right to give out awards at their discretion. Awards may or may not be given out in each category. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE PRINTED OR TYPED TO BE CONSIDERED.

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