Posted on: April 14, 2017

Elgin's prestigious Mayor's Awards presented on May 2

mayors awards
Elgin's prestigious Mayor's Awards presented on May 2
The Elgin Heritage Commission will honor outstanding contributors to Elgin's heritage at the prestigious Mayor’s Awards Ceremony held at the top floor of 1 Douglas Avenue in Elgin on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The reception is at 6 p.m. followed by the award presentation at 7 p.m. Given annually by the Mayor, upon recommendation of the Elgin Heritage Commission, the awards recognize those who have preserved and promoted the heritage of Elgin.   
Mayor David Kaptain will present nine recipients with preservation awards this year. Nominated by their peers, the award recipients were selected based upon their dedicated efforts to preserving Elgin’s historic architecture, neighborhoods, and cultural resources. 
The Mayor’s Awards for Preservation will be presented to the following nine recipients:
  • Christopher & Rebekah Berry for their exterior and interior rehabilitation of 442 DuPage Street.
  • Glen & Susan Holland for rehabilitating, upgrading and maintaining the historic McClure Family properties located at 770 W. Highland Avenue and 272 McClure Avenue.
  • Grant Born for revitalizing and rehabilitating the cloistered buildings located at 265, 263-267 and 269-271 Douglas Avenue.
  • Jacqueline Vossler & Richard Renner for their numerous contributions to the Elgin History Museum such as their exhibit, “Designing for America: Elgin American Compacts, 1926-1951.”
  • Jennifer Fukala for her extensive contributions to the Near West Neighborhood and Elgin heritage.
  • Jim & Kelly Langenberg for their personal hands on effort in the restoration of their home located at 582 Park Street.
  • Karen TerHorst & Perry Pollock for their complete restoration and rehabilitation of their home located at 844 Brook Street.
  • Ken Gough for his development and implementation of Civil War educational programs and his impressive interpretation of Elgin Civil War history.
  • Linda Rock for her leadership, dedication and participation for the past 30 years as a steward of the Elgin History Museum and the prestigious Elgin Cemetery Walk. Linda Rock will be receiving the Mayor George Van De Voorde Outstanding Service Award.
Three heritage building plaques will also be presented to Elgin homeowners who have researched the history and architecture of their historic homes this year. Since the program’s establishment in 1986, over 500 plaques have been presented. This year’s recipients are:
  • Michael Laudone, 1036 Hill Avenue
  • Sherri Maxson & Jeff Goodlove, 377 Walnut Avenue    
  • Darlene Hulin, 832 Douglas Avenue
Additionally, one Bungalow Thematic Historic District plaque will be presented to Elgin homeowners who have voluntarily and successfully completed a nomination for the inclusion into the Bungalow Thematic Historic District. This year’s recipient is
Bruce Monteith, 674 S. Liberty Street.
Lastly, one landmark plaque will be presented to Elgin homeowners who have voluntarily and successfully completed a nomination for the designation as a local landmark. The City of Elgin now has 22 landmarks that are locally significant based on their architectural and/or historical affiliations. This year’s recipients are Maureen McWaid & Steve Thoren, 972 W. Highland Avenue.
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