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Mar 03

Elgin IS the City in the Suburbs

Posted on March 3, 2014 at 11:33 AM by Mayor Kaptain

Long term strategic planning by city leaders- past and present- is paying off for our community and proving that Elgin truly is the City in the Suburbs.  Elgin led the state of Illinois in housing start for 2013 and is topping the market with commercial growth, which means jobs for residents.  Elgin has come back strong and our residents should be proud to call Elgin their home.

In 2013, Elgin had 299 building permits for new homes, compared to Naperville who was second with 236. These numbers indicate that people have confidence in Elgin and appreciate what we have to offer- a great location, convenient transportation, superior quality of life, low crime rate, great variety of housing and dependable city services. We are attracting young families, retirees, and transplants from other cities that find great value for their dollar and see a community with a lot to offer.

Part of what Elgin has to offer is a great pool of job opportunities, through business expansion. Developer analysis has identified Elgin as an ideal location for investment. In 2013 alone, Elgin gained 459,000 square feet of new commercial space. Our skilled workforce, water and sewer infrastructure, low Kane County taxes and location on the I90 corridor all contribute to attracting companies to Elgin. Even without incentive packages, Elgin is one of the only communities with Class A speculative development.

This expanding number of international high-tech companies, health care providers and others who are investing in Elgin help provide good paying jobs. And jobs are what it is most important to our growth. By providing good jobs, we enable people to invest in our community, buying homes and purchasing goods from our retail businesses. Both business growth and residential growth are related to each other and important elements of Elgin continuing to prosper and stabilize.


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