Juvenile Investigations Unit

The Juvenile Investigations Unit is a branch of the Major Investigations Division. This unit’s primary purpose is to conduct follow-up investigations pertaining to misdemeanor crimes committed by offenders under the age of 18 and felony crimes committed by offenders under the age of 17.

Juvenile detectives perform, but are not limited to, the following police functions:

  • Coordinate and prepare cases for court
  • Conduct follow-up investigations
  • Design and implement programs
  • Divert juveniles from the juvenile justice system and adjusting cases at the department level (see Peer Jury information)
  • Locate and return runaway juveniles
  • Refer juveniles to social service agencies

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  1. Phillipp Brown

    Phone: 847-289-2633

  1. Geoff Gomoll

    Phone: 847-289-2631

  1. Brian Lawrence

    Phone: 847-289-2632

  1. Jamie Marabillas